Harrison Gordon

Gallery Opening

Sunday, Feb. 23rd


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As a 16-year-old, I have only begun my journey as a photographer. I am often discovering new attributes to my style and subjects to photograph. Currently I’m drawn to landscape, portrait, and aerial photography, with some wildlife, still life, and abstract here and there. For the most part, I used to take photos to “capture the moment” (and I took quite a lot), but now I have transitioned to a more professional, artistic mode of photography. Not only have I learned technical skills and composition, but more importantly, how to create a photo that moves people. I never settle for just “okay” — I am always working to take my pictures to the next level. As I isolate my interests and hone in on my skills and artistic style, I hope to advance my craft and become ever more engaged in the community.  



Harrison Gordon is an award-winning photographer and currently a junior in high school. He specializes in taking landscape, portrait, and aerial photography: offering personal and business photoshoots and aerial event coverage. 


Most recently he endeavored to expand his portraiture collection and skills, offering family photoshoots throughout the holiday season. Prior to this, he took his landscape photography to the next level when he embarked on an expedition with National Geographic and one of their esteemed photographers, Ronan Donovan. They travelled to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park for two weeks of intense photographic challenges, where he was exposed to a multitude of methods and opportunities which drastically improved my skills. 


His work has been awarded Best in Show in the Pequot Library Art Show 22 Under 22, and Best Landscape at the Westport Library. In addition, his art is on display as a full-restaurant gallery at Bistro du Soleil in Westport. He loves using his creativity to produce stunning photographs of places and people, especially for the benefit of the community. 




WEB: www.hgordonphoto.com

IG: @hgordon_photography

FB: @hgordonphotographer

EMAIL: harrison@hgordonphoto.com


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