Tom Kretsch

Gallery Opening

Sunday, November 3rd


River Take Me Along- Meandering on The Saugatuck

     The “River that Flows Out” is the translation of the word Saugatuck which the Pauguseset Indians named this twenty-three mile river with its’ origins in Danbury.  This treasure of a resource has served, as a place of early settlements by Native Americans, later for settlers farming along its banks and during the nineteenth century was a large shipping port with warehouses nestled by the edge of the river.

Today this winding river, flowing through the heart of our community, serves as a wondrous resource for physical and spiritual reflection. From the fisherman who cast their lines off the Cribari Swing Bridge, to those who fly fish up stream, to the rowers who ply its waters both solo and in team sculls, to the many who simply stop and pause to sit on a bench by the library, The Saugatuck River holds a place close to the hearts and souls of many.

For me living close to its’ banks for some forty-five years sparked an interest to try and visually capture the many magical moods of this winding and flowing body of water. It’s ancient path that winds its way, sacred and slow, through woods, ponds, reservoirs and finally to its ending into the Long Island Sound has provided me a palette to create my impressions of its spirit and soul. From vantage points on a kayak floating slowly down the stream, to walking along its wooded banks, to standing on a bridge on a misty morning, the river can truly “take our breath away”, as the singer Dar Williams so eloquently says in her song “The Hudson.”

With this series of images I have tried to create both impressionistic and realistic photographs of this every changing and moving body of water. Hopefully the work speaks to you and draws you into the beauty and spirit of the river; that it makes you pause and appreciate what a great natural resource this river is for all of us. Perhaps it will inspire you to take time to explore the many nooks and crannies of this rolling old river or simply pause on a quiet summer evening, an early misty morning fog or deep in the fall foliage season to simply gaze at this gift we have been given.

My journey on this river continues as I look for those moments that speak to me; of the many hidden treasures that it holds and that can only be captured in the light that breathes life into our treasure, The Saugatuck.